Cloud Security Architecture-A practical approach

A comprehensive course on cloud security architecture using the NIST Cybersecurity framework.

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In Cloud Security Architecture – A practical approach you will learn how to master security architecture for the cloud. You will be using a methodology based on NIST CSF to take your architecture from business- and regulatory requirements all the way to components and capabilities that can be implemented in the public cloud.

The course will teach you how to map requirements to security measures and perform risk assessments. You will learn to master security strategy for the cloud and build a resilient security posture using a defense in depth strategy. You will also be able to prove compliance to regulations like GDPR and HIPAA using the methodology presented in the course. An important learning objective is also to create structured security architecture documentation.

This course is based on a Health Clinic example and has a hands-on focus for learning. After course completion, you can use all the provided methods and templates from the course in your own work. The resulting components and capabilities can be implemented in any cloud platform, but the course does not cover a cloud platform specific technical implementation of the architecture.

Course contents:

  • 2,5 hours of video lectures
  • 6 hands-on assignments
  • 6 Quizzes
  • 10 downloadable templates:
    • Requirements mapping template
    • Security requirements mapping template
    • Requirements mapping visualization template
    • Risk assessment template
    • Cloud security strategy template
    • Defense in depth assessment template and defense in depth circle template
    • Compliance mapping workbook
    • GDPR and HIPA visualization templates
    • Security architecture specification template


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